Drying Shark Fins in Hong Kong

This photo was taken this past December, 2012. You are looking at a rooftop covered in shark fins in the center of Hong Kong. This image does not even capture the magnitude of this shipment. Around the backside of that second level there were stacks of pallets full of fins (ten feet by ten feet wide, and at least ten stacks high). The fins have to be laid out in the sun to dry before they can be packaged and sold in the marketplace for dishes such as shark fin soup. This takes space, which can be hard to come by in Hong Kong, particularly if you’re trying to be inconspicuous..

The drying process: In short, they dry-preserve them. This makes them available for re-hydration at future times, like jerky or dried mushrooms. Unfortunately this practice is at an all time high. Not only is the $ going extinct and the world’s attention turning into ‘their ‘ livelyhoods, But the shark finners know that this dark practice has an immediate end. Therefore they are RAMPING up efforts to fin as many sharks as possible before the $ dies… Sharks are an INTEGRAL part of our eco systems. For millions of years they have played their role in protecting us from demise with their (the sharks) efforts. If or when we wipe them out, we will see our future dim. Please help. Spread the word. Share our post.

Photo: OCEAN DEFENDER – Hawaii

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