Educational trip to China very successful

Beijing, November 2013. In co-operation with YD-Communications, organizer of the “China International Animal & Nature Film Festival”, the PTSF visited China for an educational trip to Beijing and Qingdao.

Lectures and screening of our short documentary GIMME A HUG were held at the Beijing Museum of Nature History, the Beijing Normal University and the Qingdao Ocean University of China.

Hundreds of enthusiastic students and visitors were visiting the venues. Their warm welcome was very encouraging. Many of them changed their mind about sharks in favour of sharks and realized that this fascinating animal isn’t that dangerous as they though it was, and realized that it is very important to prevent it from overfishing.

Photos of the lectures can be found here:

Beijing Museum of Natural History
Beijing Normal University
Qingdao Ocean University of China

Beside Ms. Li Jianwen and Ms. Shuang Qin of the Beijing Museum of Natural History, we also like to express our gratitude to all Teachers, Environmental Leaders, Students of all Universities and YD-Communication. Their support and co-operation during this trip was of great importance and very much appreciated!

Shark conservation event in Hong Kong

Children in Hong Kong are shaping a huge shark on the beach at Ocean Day for children. The event is intended to raise awareness of the trade and consumption of shark fins for which many sharks are killed.

Educational trip to the Seychelles

Momentarily busy finalizing the preparations for a trip to Praslin, one of the larger islands of the Seychelles. We will give several lectures at various schools, including the school on La Digue. More on this, after the trip.

Sharks in danger – Kids in Action

Olympic Village (Greece): The best closure of a very successful and active year for shark’s conservation was the third grade’s activities of 26th school – “Ioannis Melissanidis and Fani Chalkia at Olympic Village” in Athens. Our friend and member of “Protect the Sharks Foundation” Andreas Maragos, suggested to expand ESW-2011 activities for kids inside a classroom, and made the necessary contact with the enthusiastic teacher of 3rd grade, Karakosta Vasiliki.

After sending lots of material with docs, pdfs with info about sharks, images and color me pages, the teacher organized a week dedicated to sharks, with actions, paper constructions, tons of shark draws, the design of a t-shirt and a the most touching letter we have ever received…!!

“Dear shark defenders,

we are the students of class C1 from the 26th Acharnon Primary School. We learned about you and that you try to save sharks and tell people about the endangered shark species.

We saw video of fishermen who illegally put sharks on boats, cut their fins and throw them back into the sea. We were impressed when we saw the diver to tender the shark, to touch her nose and lift her with her hands.

We learned about and draw several shark species. We made stickers to show you that we the children care about sharks. If you want you can share them with other children. We created a graphic and printed it on a t-shirt which we offer you with our love. We expect to hear from you soon!

With shark-kisses,

The Petit Allies Titus, Theodore, Mary, Komnenos, Angelos, Hermes, Elizabeth, Angelos, Dimitrios, Agathi, Vivian, Michael, Sotiris, Nikos, Ellie, Nefeli, Georgia, Chris, Evie and our wonderful teacher Karakosta Vasiliki!

We forgot to tell that our English teacher taught us words related to sharks and we put those words into clouds in our drawings just imagining what shark would like to tell to humans. Bye for now!”

All those sweet things along with a beautiful set of photographs in a cd where sent to us in a magic package. No words to describe the feelings jumped out of the package when opened! We have 19 new enthusiastic allies and their captain!!!

Photos of our allies and their captain,  can be found here or here.

The schools website can be found here.

Rabea (miss Rabi) Iatridou and

Nicholas Samaras

Many shark enthusiasts visit our ESW 2011 events in Pátras (Greece)

Pátras (Greece) During the launch of the 5th European Shark Week events in the town of Patras from 21 to 23 of October, we made many new friends for sharks that signed our petition to push the European Union (EU) fisheries ministers to protect sharks from overexploitation and finning – the wasteful practice of slicing off a shark’s fins and discarding the body at sea…

  • Day one – Friday 21st of October we had programmed the kid’s events. While drawing happy sharks with millions of colors, we talked about sharks, how they look, what they eat, how they swim, explained the differences  between species and how many of them are alive in the sea in order to make the children understand that many shark species are endangered and are threatened of extinction and need to be protected. Children are very enthusiastic and their drawings made us realize how easily they can learn and how important is that they don’t have that learned fear for sharks as the adults do. We had fantastic drawings of basking sharks, great whites and all kinds of sharks especially the threatened species!
  • Day two, had in program a more typical character with the signature selection, the presentation and the screening of documentaries but the discussion during the presentation became the cause to dispel many myths about sharks. At the end all the attendants were informed about the endangered species, the sharks living in Greek waters, the meaning of shark fining and the enormous quantities of shark fins ending in Hong Kong to be consumed as shark fin soup… Some of the questions were like “bull’s eye” hits, so straight and so clear that we hoped that some Fishery Ministers should be there with us to answer… We hope that our new friends contribution will be added to the PUSH for
    • a complete ban on removing shark fins at sea,
    • Shark and ray catch limits based on scientific advice and the precautionary approach
    • EU and national protections for endangered shark and ray species
  • On day three, we met on a beautiful spot of the Corinthian gulf to dedicate a dive to sharks even though Greece is not famous for shark diving! Many divers participated to the dive even though the weather conditions were not the more suitable.

We want to give our warm regards and thanks to all those that helped us organize the ESW events, especially Mr. Konstantinos Milionis for his enthusiasm and the Scuba Diving Club “OCEANOS” for the invitation and the hosting!

Click here or here for more photos.

The petition is still available on-line, so sign it here quickly if  you didn’t yet.

European Shark Week 2011, Protect The Sharks active in Greece

Το ίδρυμα για τη προστασία του καρχαρία Protect the Sharks Foundation και ο Σύλλογος Αυτοδυτών Αχαΐας “OCEANOS” σας προσκαλούν να συμμετάσχετε στο τριήμερο εκδηλώσεων για τον εορτασμό της Ευρωπαϊκής Εβδομάδας Καρχαρία που θα πραγματοποιηθούν από 21 έως 23 Οκτωβρίου 2011 στην Πάτρα, στα πλαίσια των εκδηλώσεων που οργανώνονται σε δεκάδες Ευρωπαϊκές πόλεις υπό την αιγίδα της συμμαχίας για τον καρχαρία Shark Alliance.

Το τριήμερο εκδηλώσεων θα περιλαμβάνει εκδηλώσεις για παιδιά και ενήλικες, προβολές ντοκιμαντέρ, παρουσίαση και συζήτηση και κατάδυση αφιερωμένη στους καρχαρίες. Ελάτε μαζί μας στον εορτασμό της Ευρωπαϊκής Εβδομάδας Καρχαρία και βοηθήστε μας να πιέσουμε την Ε.Ε. να κλείσει οριστικά τα νομικά τα κενά στην απαγόρευση της αφαίρεσης των πτερυγίων και τους υπουργούς να κάνουν πράξη τις δεσμεύσεις του Σχεδίου δράσης της ΕΕ για τον καρχαρία

Αναλυτικά το πρόγραμμα:

Παρασκευή 21/10/2011
Έκθεση Υ/Β Φωτογραφίας, προβολές ντοκιμαντέρ “Gimme a Hug”, επισκέψεις σχολείων, δραστηριότητες για παιδιά, ζωγραφική, χειροτεχνίες και δημιουργία κάρτας με θέμα τη θάλασσα και τον καρχαρία, φωτογράφηση με τον “Ζαχαρία”, ανάρτηση των παιδικών έργων και κλήρωση δώρου.

Σάββατο 22/10/2011
Έκθεση Υ/Β Φωτογραφίας
Συγκέντρωση Υπογραφών και Δημιουργία Καρτών με μηνύματα
Προβολές ντοκιμαντέρ
Ανοιχτή συζήτηση
Κλήρωση δώρου

Κυριακή 23/10/2011
Κατάδυση αφιερωμένη στην Ευρωπαϊκή Εβδομάδα Καρχαρία
Υποβρύχια Φωτογράφηση με το πανό της εκδήλωσης»

Σας προσκαλούμε όλους στις τριήμερες εκδηλώσεις της Πανευρωπαϊκής Εβδομάδας Καρχαρία για να γνωριστούμε και να μας βοηθήσετε να προστατέψουμε τον καρχαρία. Ελπίζουμε να σας δούμε όλους στη Πάτρα


“Protect the Sharks Foundation in cooperation with the Association of Achaia Divers “OCEANOS” invite you to participate to our 3-day event that will take place from 21 to 23 October in Patrai, in order to celebrate European Shark Week 2011 together with dozens of parallel events organized in many European cities under the auspices of Shark Alliance.
The weekend events will include activities for young and adults, documentary screenings, presentations and discussions dedicated to diving and sharks.

Join us in European Shark Week celebration and help us push the EU to ensure loopholes in the finning ban are finally closed and ministers live up to the commitments of the EU shark Plan of Action

Detailed Program:

Friday 21/10/2011
Underwater Photography exhibition, screenings of “Gimme a Hug” documentary, school visits, children’s activities, arts, crafts and card creation on the theme of sea and sharks, Shooting photos with “Zachary”, suspension of works and children’s prize lottery.

Saturday 22/10/2011
Underwater Photography exhibition
Collection of signatures and creating cards with messages
Documentary screenings
Open Discussion
Lottery of a “shark” prize

Sunday 23/10/2011
Diving dedicated to European Shark Week
Underwater shooting with the ESW event banner”

We kindly like to invite you all, to visit this event and meet us there to help us protect the sharks.

Hope to see you in Patrai!

Σας προσκαλούμε όλους στις τριήμερες εκδηλώσεις της Πανευρωπαϊκής Εβδομάδας Καρχαρία για να γνωριστούμε και να μας βοηθήσετε να προστατέψουμε τον καρχαρία. Ελπίζουμε να σας δούμε όλους στη Πάτρα

PROTECT THE SHARKS FOUNDATION attends Film Festival in Costa Rica.

Wednesday April 13, the PROTECT THE SHARKS FOUNDATION attends the international cinema and television film festival “teleNatura Costa Rica 2011″ that will be held at Invenio’s university campus located close to Cañas  in Guanacaste, a province of Costa Rica.

This university is located not far away from Puentarenas, homebase for many longline fishing vessels and notorious for the landing of shark fins.

Roy Prendas Alvarez, director & founder of teleNatura Costa Rica: “I wish we did not question whether we should preserve nature or not, just like children don’t question whether they should play or not. However, it is clear that a lot of people really don’t care about ‘the cause’. In this scenario, it is smart to understand that taking care of the natural world is – in the end – the same as taking care of ourselves….because the greatest result of conservation will reflect on humans”.

Our short documentary GIMME A HUG, produced to create awareness and a better understanding for sharks, will be screened on Wednesday, April 13th starting at 1:30pm and 6:30pm.

The afternoon screening will be followed by a Q&A and a forum discussion about sharks and the need for shark conservation. This forum discussion will be lead by local representative Ilena Zanella.

Read more or visit the website of teleNatura Costa Rica or the website of the producer of the event Oliva Films. TV-show “Buen Dia” was also paying attention to the festival.

Biodiversity and Diving Tourism in the Greek Seas

Athens (Greece) – The Society for the Protection and Promotion of the Underwater Environment and its Coastal Area – nonprofit company organizes in Athens on November 25th 2010, an International Meeting on “Biodiversity and Diving Tourism in the Greek Seas”, this event will be supported by the “Protect The Sharks Foundation” – a Dutch non-profit, non-governmental, organization.

During the conference the underwater documentary «Gimme A Hug» of Dutch underwater filmmaker Geert Droppers will be screened, in order to raise public awareness on the need to maintain all species, especially endangered species like sharks, because the subject of biodiversity. The need for conservation is a global problem not confined to specific areas or specific types of life.

European Shark Week 2010: Focus on Finning

Write to your Members of the European Parliament and ask them to close the loopholes in the EU finning ban.

This autumn Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have a unique opportunity to support shark conservation and provide much needed protection for these vulnerable species. We need to persuade them to sign a Written Declaration calling on the European Commission to deliver a proposal to completely prohibit the removal of shark fins on-board vessels and finally close the loopholes in the shark finning ban.

Write here to your Members of the European Parliament.

European Shark Week Opens With Call to “Focus on Finning”

European Shark Week Opens With Call to “Focus on Finning”.

Read here the press release.