The Shark Conservation School Network (SCSN)

In response to shark conservation initiatives from several schools, the Protect The Sharks Foundation has setup a “Shark Conservation School Network”.

- to offer an international network for schools and universities, interested in supporting and organizing shark conservation activities and events
- to support each other, organizing shark conservation activities and events
- to share and publish the results of shark conservation activities and events here on the internet
- to provide a network where schools, teachers and students from all-over-the-world can contact each other to collect information, exchange ideas or discuss viewpoints, concerning sharks and shark conservation issues

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Sharks in danger – Kids in Action

Olympic Village (Greece): The best closure of a very successful and active year for shark’s conservation was the third grade’s activities of 26th school – “Ioannis Melissanidis and Fani Chalkia at Olympic Village” in Athens. Our friend and member of “Protect the Sharks Foundation” Andreas Maragos, suggested to expand ESW-2011 activities for kids inside a classroom, and made the necessary contact with the enthusiastic teacher of 3rd grade, Karakosta Vasiliki.

After sending lots of material with docs, pdfs with info about sharks, images and color me pages, the teacher organized a week dedicated to sharks, with actions, paper constructions, tons of shark draws, the design of a t-shirt and a the most touching letter we have ever received…!!

“Dear shark defenders,

we are the students of class C1 from the 26th Acharnon Primary School. We learned about you and that you try to save sharks and tell people about the endangered shark species.

We saw video of fishermen who illegally put sharks on boats, cut their fins and throw them back into the sea. We were impressed when we saw the diver to tender the shark, to touch her nose and lift her with her hands.

We learned about and draw several shark species. We made stickers to show you that we the children care about sharks. If you want you can share them with other children. We created a graphic and printed it on a t-shirt which we offer you with our love. We expect to hear from you soon!

With shark-kisses,

The Petit Allies Titus, Theodore, Mary, Komnenos, Angelos, Hermes, Elizabeth, Angelos, Dimitrios, Agathi, Vivian, Michael, Sotiris, Nikos, Ellie, Nefeli, Georgia, Chris, Evie and our wonderful teacher Karakosta Vasiliki!

We forgot to tell that our English teacher taught us words related to sharks and we put those words into clouds in our drawings just imagining what shark would like to tell to humans. Bye for now!”

All those sweet things along with a beautiful set of photographs in a cd where sent to us in a magic package. No words to describe the feelings jumped out of the package when opened! We have 19 new enthusiastic allies and their captain!!!

Photos of our allies and their captain,  can be found here or here.

The schools website can be found here.

Rabea (miss Rabi) Iatridou and

Nicholas Samaras