Shark finning

Each year, about 100 million sharks are brutally massacred. Mostly for their fins. The demand for shark fins, used for the prestigious shark fin soup, is enormous.

The far most profitable parts of a shark’s body are the fins, which only determine a small part (< 5%) of the sharks total body weight.

For this reason, the fins are often brutally cut off the sharks while they are still alive. The stripped bodies then are thrown back into the sea where they die a slow and cruel dead.

Scientific research has proven that because of this, worldwide, over the last 8-15 years the number of sharks, have been declined with up to 90%.

Sharks reproduce very slowly. Some species reach sexual maturity at an age of 13-15 years, with long reproductive cycles. Because of this, they have hardly a chance to recover from such massacres.

More than 400 million years, sharks managed to survive on this planet. Now, humans seemed to stop this in just a few years time …